Project Overview

Consultancy, customizing and installation of Freight Management System

Transglobal was using excel sheets for their reports and it took days to get reports ready.

Sensoft Tech was called to help provide a software solution for their entire operation.


Project Details

Documentation Department

  • Customer BL entry into software
  • Tracking the movement and status  of files on IDF, CCVR, Duty Payments and compliance in the system.
  • Everyone in the team is aware of the status of every file.
  • Generate all reports for management from the system.

Operations Dept.

  • After Compliance, the files appear at the Operations Section,
  • BL Shipping Line Release and Examination details are updated using the software.
  • Field officers are assigned to BLs in the system.
  • Files are released and passed on to the Accounting Department.
  • Operations status management report 
  • Reports on the number of containers cleared during any period.

Consolidation Department

  • Groupage, Freehand and Pickups are entered and monitored.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly reports on clients and number of containers worked on.


Monitoring shipment from Picking up empty containers to shipped.


Monitoring and keeping track of clients brought in.

Human Resource

  • Record of all employees
  • Monitor and update employee Annual Leave.





Freight Management Software Solution


Transglobal Logistics Limited