Freight Forwarding & Consolidation Software

This Freight Logistics software is intended for International Freight Forwarders, Consolidators and Forwarding or Clearing Agents ( Sea and Air Freight).

This is to help them manage their shipment , customers (consignees), financial activities and tracking of office activities pertaining to the Air or Sea shipment.

It has an integrated accounting system that manages expenses made on the shipment and the invoicing of consignees. It takes care of petty cash, deposits, refunds, payment receipts, estimates, etc. It gives you your financial reports i.e. Income Statement, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Debtors, Legder Accounts etc.

Handle your payroll with ease.

Manage your Freight Collect and Freight Prepaid for your principals.

Manage your container exports from booking of containers to shipyard.


Manage all your import or export sea or air freight shipment. Manage FCLs and consolidations professionally and with ease.

All information on cargo stored in a central database and is available to authorized employees. Job Numbers are created automatically and Box or cabinet numbers cataloged.  

Searching for BL or Air-waybill information is a breeze, search by consignee, job Number, BL Number, Date Entered or ETA Period.

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Employee Payroll

  • Manage employee salaries, contributions and allowances
  • Manage staff loans or IOUs. Set monthly deductions.
  • Staff salary monthly processing and payments (Bank and Cash Payment) - Categorize into Bank, Department or Cash employees
  • Auto Income Tax and Social Security Calculation (Can exempt staff) - Int.Revenue Report
  • Process salaries by departments etc.
  • Print payslips for employees
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Freight Collect & Commission Management

  • All freight documents entered and recorded in database
  • Manage your collect Freight Collect and freight Prepaid
  • Create invoices for freight Collect
  • Give receipts for customer freight payments
  • Monitor your administration fees and calculate your commissions on payments
  • Record and monitor your payments to shipping lines
  • Know your outstanding invoices, pending documents and documents released.
  • Monitor your payments to your principals abroad
  • Know your Cheque and cash payments
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Container Export Management

  • Book empty containers from shipping lines to loading yards.
  • Monitor containers in yards to check defaulting on return date.
  • Book loaded containers with shipping line for shipping.
  • Record export permits
  • Monitor containers taken to terminals
  • Record Gate-Ins at shipyard
  • Generate Bill of Lading from loaded containers for invoicing
  • Track expenses on company trucks carrying the containers.
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Integrated Financial Accounting

    • Debit and Credit accounting principles employed culminating into profit and loss statement.
    • Create and Monitor your invoices ( Can handle multi currecies)
    • Add and monitor your bank accounts and all cheque transactions.
    • Create custom charges for invoicing.
    • Receive payments and generate official receipts for your customers. 
    • Monitor your office and customer expenses.
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